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The chelsea

Timeless Appeal | Modern Comfort

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The West Coast Roper

Classic Appeal | Modern Comfort

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From the Heritage Collection


Leather Goods made from American Bison.

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The Essential Boot

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Small batch premium leather goods

HAND made in leon, mexico

At Hevias, we sweat the small stuff, with nothing overlooked. Every detail and every creative choice is made with you in mind. So when it’s time to look your best – and live your best, count on us to help make the journey interesting.

Timeless Tradition

From traditional styles to bold exotics, we think your shoes should reflect the way you live your life. That’s why we make footwear that celebrates the mavericks.

Attention To Detail

We sweat the small stuff. That's what it takes to make rare & premium leathers into supple & durable footwear. Look great & live your best. Count on us to help make the journey interesting.

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A man is only as good as his word – and we stand by ours. We offer free exchanges & free returns. The shipping is also on us.


Waterproof suede chelsea


Custom Made Leathers

Developed to be ultra soft while also maintaining durability. Our leathers are particularly resistant to toe creasing.

Calfskin Lining

Ever wonder why some shoes smell bad? Many brands use pigskin which smells like an old football when heated. Calfskin smells like rich leather & success.

Waterproof Suede

Maintains the classic suede texture while protecting you from the elements. Soft and supple with surprising strength and longevity, it’s suede with an upgrade.

Sustainable Materials

Toecap & heel counter are reinforced with rice seed shells, which would otherwise be discarded.



Hand made in Leon, Mexico

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