do it right, make it count

Hevias is an independent leather goods studio in Dallas, Texas passionately developing a contemporary reinterpretation of classic Western heritage.

The products we create are a manifestation of how we see the world around us - lovingly handmade with traditional techniques & tools, and carefully designed to accentuate the modern wardrobe while nodding to the mysterious wild spaces of the great & expansive West.

Footwear is a tool for discovery, and we welcome you to join us on the path ahead. Walk the Kingdom.

Timeless Tradition

Where history inspires quality, and legacy is stretched, shaped, and stitched, with designs that will stand the test of time.

Hand Crafted

Handmade is only as good as your talent & materials, we take you to its source, delivering flawless quality & timeless style.

Trusted Partners

Owning our entire supply chain means delivering the highest quality at premium value with no interruptions or inflated prices.

Our Guarantee

A man is only as good as his word – and we stand behind ours. Don't love it? Send it back no questions asked.

lead by example

Master craftsmanship is bestowing timeless techniques onto precious materials to create a product capable of changing the way we work & play. A true 'buy-it-for-life' heritage product.

From traditional styles to bold exotics, your shoes reflect the way you live. That’s why we make footwear that celebrates the mavericks. The ones who balance confidence with humility. Because like them, character is woven into everything we do.

Hand-Crafted Details

Every leather is custom developed and intended for comfort and longevity. Our products are hand made with techniques used by the finest footwear makers in the world.

Timeless tradition

With over 150 years of combined footwear design and manufacturing experience, our team delivers on quality without compromise. Just because it takes over 200 steps to make a pair of Hevias, we believe that luxury and quality should be accessible to everyone and we deliver on that promise..

León, Mexico

We built our brand on doing things the right way. That meant traveling to León, Mexico, a centuries-old source for some of the world’s finest leathers and home to family-owned artisanal shoemakers that have handed down their craft for generations. To some, it’s a dying art, but to us, it was a chance to bring exceptional quality to the masses, and create lasting opportunities for these gifted artisans.

We didn’t just hire them or outsource the work. We made them our trusted partners, building an entire supply chain in the process. One that we owned exclusively, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality at every step of the process, from design to materials to the factory, where our products are still made by hand with a deep respect for tradition.


Walk The Kingdom